Office Manager Software For businesses that want more than just a sign in app.

Manage guests and maximize relationships with Weckey, the Smart Guestbook and Visitor Management System.

With Weckey

  • Save money

    by ditching the old guestboook and going paperless

  • Save time

    when guests check-in with Weckey not a receptionist

  • Improve office security

    with time-stamped records and a photo of each visitor

  • Store guest information

    securely and conveniently in the cloud

How it works

Delight your guests from the moment they arrive.

  • Weckey prompts your guest to choose a visitor relation
  • Your guest types in their name and contact information
  • Weckey snaps a selfie of your guest for identification
  • Your guest selects who they’re meeting and why
  • You are notified via email or SMS of their arrival
  • Weckey prints your guest a visitor ID badge

Easy-to-use admin tools puts powerful visitor management right at your fingertips.

Manage Locations

Quickly add new locations or edit details of an existing one. Manage what your guests see when they sign in on the iPad app right from within your browser.

Manage Locations

Manage Employee Lists

Easily add, update or remove employees to Weckey by uploading a spreadsheet, connecting to Google Apps, syncing with the Weckey API or manual entry.

Manage Locations

Monitor Guest Traffic

View an organized, accurate list of guest traffic, complete with sign-in time, photo, email, and other important details keeping you up to date at all times.

Manage Locations

A Guestbook Solution for the 21st Century

We believe every lobby of every business should have paperless sign-in and a confidential, secure way to manage guest traffic.

Tracking your guests with a paper guestbook is archaic and inefficient. Think about it—if you’re not still using typewriters, why are you still using a paper guestbook?


Business is most effective when employees’ daily grind lets them focus on revenue-generating tasks—not busywork.

What if your business had a guestbook engineered for the 21st century? Your receptionist could focus on administration tasks instead of fielding interruptions from guests—and your office would still be in the know about who comes and goes.

Cost Effective

At Weckey, we knew getting started had to be as simple and cost effective as possible.

Traditional visitor management systems require expensive software and some even require a behemoth kiosk to take up space in your lobby. That’s why we made our visitor management system an app; available for iPad in the App store.


Weckey is changing the way we understand security and access.

With Weckey, keep an accurate record of who has entered the office, whether it was five minutes ago, or months ago. Guest traffic and information is stored securely and conveniently in the cloud so it’s always up to date and accessible to admin users.


Your guests' privacy is important.

With the paper guestbook system, guest information isn’t secure from other guests, but with Weckey, guests check in digitally, so their information stays private and secure.

Streamlined and Personal

Across all industries, technology has increased the speed we access services.

What hasn’t changed is customers’ expectations of personal interaction. Weckey ensures a fast and personal experience by streamlining communication. Without the extra step of checking-in with a third party, employees receive a direct message from their guests, and can even send their guests a personalized message back.


We recognize technology can positively impact our world and environment.

Because the Weckey visitor management system is paperless, it not only cuts costs in overhead, but also makes it possible for businesses to be environmentally responsible. We’re committed to that cause; and to prove it, we’ll plant a tree for each business that signs up to use our app.



per mo
($1000 annually)
  • 1 Location
  • up to 50 Employees
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Manual Employee Entry
  • CSV Upload
  • Visitor Logs
  • Real-time History
  • Capture Guest Photos
  • Custom Visitor Relationships
  • Custom Forms
  • Signable Attachments
  • Visitor Badge Printing
  • Admin Roles
Best Seller


per mo / per loc
($2500 annually)
  • Everything from Basic, plus:
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Up to 3 Locations
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Theme Customizer
  • Custom Visitor Badges
  • Auto Employee Sync


Call for pricing
+1 (415) 890-3358
  • Everything from Plus, plus:
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Priority Support
  • Weckey Kit
  • CRM Integrations
  • Remote Training
  • Service Level Agreement

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Happy Customers

"We have a busy lobby! Customers, vendors, job applicants and visitors... all with different needs. Weckey gives vendors and visitors a quicker, self-service way to connect directly with office staff, and gives our reception team more personal time with customers and prospective job applicants where the personal touch is most needed. Weckey helps us maintain PCI compliance too, with robust visitor logging, badging and reporting. Nice!"
Paul Rottler

Paul Rottler

VP Strategic Planning at 7-Eleven Stores

"Thank you for building Weckey. It’s surely made my hectic work schedule easier."
Cattherine Torres

Catherine Torres

Office Manager at Stem CentRx

"Weckey is not just another cool app, it is a legitimate solution to visitor management mayhem. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, Weckey goes above and beyond by solving your visitor management issues and adding an element of security to your place of business."
Matt Monahan

Matt Monahan

Assistant Controller at Janrain

About Weckey

Weckey is built and maintained with pride by a passionate team in the great pacific northwest.

Weckey team