2014 Year In Review

2014 has been a great year!

We've helped many organizations streamline their lobbies. In the process, we've uncovered some interesting data points and patterns about guest traffic.

How Weckey is helping business become more efficient

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Ready to start understanding the guest traffic of your organization better?

Mitch Williams

Mitch took Wayne Williams’ (President and CEO of Telect) idea and prototype of a smart guestbook and ran with it. What started out as a working model for one company, became the foundation for growth and innovation to meet the needs of businesses all over the United States. Williams’ first name has often been mistaken for a common curse word. Come February, he gets to use the joke and pun himself when he and his wife welcome a son of a Mitch into the world.


Lucas Hutyler

Does he go by Luke or Lucas? Not even he is sure, but he is sure of what it takes to execute in developing a great product that began as a good concept. Starting with Mitch in 2013, it didn't take long for the two of them to get Weckey into the hands of a few customers for the initial BETA Program. When Hutyler was born, he did not cry - he simply completed the algebra he was already doing in his head while in the womb.


BETA Program

With new features and the first version of the Weckey Admin section, Weckey was ready for a handful of new customers and helpers. On March 19th, Weckey kicked off the BETA Program in style - with a party.

March 19

Chris King

While design has always been important at Weckey, and the team worked to keep a clean and consistent look - there was always a need to bring on a world class designer, and the team found that in none-other-than Chris King. UX and UI are a close second to his mother in terms of things he considers most important in life.

April 1

Lift Off!

After extensive testing and plenty of welcome feedback from the BETA Partners, Weckey launched and went live with the iPad App and Admin Section in July! A team effort saw the product grow from BETA/prototype to robust and commercial business software. At that time, even Weckey didn’t realize how many hairs, on office manager’s heads, it would prevent from turning grey.

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Analytics bring a whole new vision of answers to staffing questions, when to run sales, common interests in your business and the list goes on. We can thank (or be angry with) Weckey’s analytics for giving us a visual of how many sandwiches we see delivered to us each week… How can you resist? They’re freaky fast.

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The Custom Theme Builder gives customers the ability to tailor the guest experience by highlighting the businesses own brand, holidays, special events and more. Because… Let’s be honest - everyone has forgotten what a turkey looks like in November.

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Attachments can be a hassle and Weckey is here to help! No longer is there a need for a paper trail when a guest signs in (something we all love - stacks of paper), but rather a simple signature along with their check in can suffice. Guests can now sign NDA’s, B2B contracts, etc., upon sign in and there is no longer a risk for human-error in forgetting to ask a guest to sign one. If nothing else - it’s a chance to test people’s cursive handwriting skills.

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Weckey proudly partnered with Base CRM and highlights its relationship as one of the many CRM integrations to come. Gone are the days of forgetting to store a contact or log a visit with a customer - Weckey automates and streamlines this task. Newsletter integrations are also important, with Mailchimp being one Weckey highlights and boasts. Guests can automatically subscribe to your business’ newsletter upon sign-in at your office. These robots will help your business rule the world.

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2014 has been an amazing year and we couldn't have done it without our customers. We would like to thank each and every one of you and can't wait to spoil you all with another year of progress in 2015. We have an exciting list of features we are already working on, but feel free to let us know what you are looking for in your visitor management system! Have a safe and happy holiday season! In 2015, Weckey will continue to boldly go where no one has gone before...

And beyond