There are new additions in Weckey's growing suite of features, including:
analytics, custom theme builder and attachments that require a signature. These features, along with others, show how Weckey is reimagining your lobby experience.

Amazing Analytics

Busiest times

Hours of the day, days of the week, week of the month, or month of the year

Most frequent visitors

This provides good insight and helps you [the business] potentially make a decision to treat certain people differently because of their recurring visits

Most frequently visited employees

See if there is a bottleneck in a department or in a single person’s workday. If one person is being visited more than another, this data can help businesses and managers try to spread visits across a department rather than directing them towards one individual

Time saved:

See how much time was saved using Weckey each day, week, month and even all-time


Make It Yours


Customize the app with your own branded backgrounds tailored to your business, add a logo and change the color of the buttons to the color that best suits your business


Add a custom background with the logo of a company that might be coming to visit you on a specific day saying, "Today we welcome [Company Name / Logo]"


Make "seasonal" backgrounds and themes. Example - add holiday images during the holiday season, or fall backgrounds during fall, etc.

App Customizer
App Customizer

Add Attachments

Add attachments such as NDA's, B2B contracts, etc., for guests to sign upon check-in

Sign Attachments
Sign Attachments

And so much more!

  • Unlimited VisitorsAll

    Weckey exists to help with guest traffic, not to limit it

  • Custom RelationsAll

    Ask if the visitor is a guest, vendor, client, delivery, etc.

  • Custom FormsAll

    Ask for their first name, last name, email, business, and any other information you find necessary

  • NotificationsAll

    Notify your employees through SMS or email that their guest has arrived and signed in

  • Snap Guest PhotosAll

    Guests become easily recognizable after viewing their photo in the email notification

  • Badge PrintingAll

    Print visitor badges so visitors are distinguished as guests in the building

  • RolesAll

    Receptionist - he/she gets notified every time someone signs in

    Admin - he/she can add, edit or remove employees in the employee index

    Manager - he/she gets notified when the person they oversee has a visitor

  • Basic Employee UploadAll

    CSV - Add employees to your employee index by uploading a CSV

    Manual - Manually add each employee to your employee index

  • Real-time HistoryAll

    Direct visibility and understanding of guest traffic. History acts as a digital guestbook. All of the information your business requests from visitors is stored upon sign-in and the dates and times for each visit are catalogued accurately

  • Auto Employee SyncPlusEnterprise

    Google Apps - upload and sync your employee index with Google Apps

    REST API - Connect pre-existing employee indexes (i.e. ActiveDirectory, Office 365, or LDAP, etc.)

  • Custom BadgesPlusEnterprise

    Add your company's logo to the visitor badges to keep consistent with branding

  • Weckey KitEnterprise

    Weckey ships you an iPad, a stand, a printer & two bonus rolls of labels

  • Priority SupportEnterprise

    Move to the front of the line in Weckey’s helpdesk and receive access, five days a week, to help setting up Weckey and walking through its list of features

  • CRM IntegrationsEnterprise

    Automatically add guest contact info into Salesforce, Base CRM, and other CRM’s, as an opportunity, a lead, or a contact, upon sign-in

  • Remote TrainingEnterprise

    We will schedule a training through Skype or Google Hangouts to go over the setup from start-to-finish

  • Mutual AgreementEnterprise

    A Software License Agreement (SLA) that suits the mutual needs of Weckey and you - the customer

  • Meet Security NeedsEnterprise

    C-TPAT - (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

    PCI at Corporate Offices - An important aspect of PCI compliance involves restricting physical access to areas where sensitive data is stored and visitors should be easily distinguished.

    HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule is the first comprehensive Federal protection for the privacy of personal health information.

  • Be An Astronaut

    Explore the new world of visitor management systems and Weckey, the smart guestbook. Together, we can go to infinity and beyond. Join us.